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Gas Membranes

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Gas proof membranes for the protection of buildings from harmful ground gases such as radon, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrocarbons. To ease specification issues, Visqueen has produced a product selector that responds to various and complex design challenges on gas contaminated lands. 
    • Conforms in full to CIRIA C748 and BS8485:2015
    • Excellent VOC & methane barrier resistance
    • Utilises Visqueen’s unique advanced barrier technology
    • Comprehensively tested and validated test results
    • Flexible even at low temperatures – limits stress cracking
    • Welding and Visqueen Gas Resistant tape system options
    • BBA approved, fully complies with BS8485:2015
    • Low permeability to methane, radon and carbon dioxide
    • Approved for use in NHBC Amber 2 applications
    • Multi-layer reinforced LDPE membrane with aluminium core
    • High puncture and tear resistance
    • Independently tested for radon resistance
    • BBA Certified
    • High resistance to puncture
    • Also acts as a Damp Proof Membrane
    • Complies with BR 211: 2007
    • Low permeability to carbon dioxide, radon and low levels of methane
    • Approved for use in NHBC Amber 1 application
    • High quality robust co-polymer thermoplastic membrane
    • Supplied in centre folded sheeting which reduces the risk of cracks in screed
    • BBA Certificate 13/5069 and CE Mark 13967
    • Independently tested against various hydrocarbons
    • High puncture, flexibility and tear resistance
    • Minimal linear expansion
    • Complies with current codes of practice
    • Manufactured in the UK
    • Low permeability to methane, carbon dioxide and radon gases
    • Quick Installation times due to rapid drying properties
    • Waterproofing membrane for below ground applications
    • Vertical and horizontal damp proof membrane
    • Non toxic water based liquid